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Are You Ready To Sell

Your Home?

Start Your Journey Today!


Initial Consultation

  • Establish your real estate sale goal

  • Market education & orientation

  • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

  • Consider incorporating a home warranty
    into your listing

  • Sign listing agreement with your Pearson Agent


Contract Negotiation & Acceptance

  • Offer acceptance by Seller or counter-offer/negotiation of Contract terms through your Agent

  • Upon acceptance of all Contract terms by Seller and by you, the Contract will be executed

  • Earnest money deposited


Buyers Close

  • Your Agent will contact the title company

  • Title search and examination will be completed

  • Title company will issue title insurance



  •  Schedule and complete any repair work

  • Clean, organize and remove clutter

  • Try to disconnect your emotions

  • Make your home attractive to prospective buyers

  • Consider making alternate plans for pets during showings


Buyer Due

Diligence & Resolution

  • Your Agent will assist you in coordinating home inspections you wish to conduct such as:

  • Termite (required by most lenders)

  • Structural & Mechanical

  • Radon

  • Lead Based Paint (for homes built prior to 1978)

  • Property Survey

  • Any other inspections your Agent recommends based on the property



  • Contract and financing contingencies are satisfied

  • Final loan approval is obtained and documents are sent to the closing officer

  • Closing process occurs when you sign all loan and
    purchase documents

  • Lender loans the funds

  • The deed is recorded



  • Technology

    • Extensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    • E-mail marketing

  • Targeted Marketing

    • Wide-range advertising​

    • In-house advertising agency

  • Additional Services:

    • Open Houses

    • MLS Feeds

    • Broker Events

    • Client Care Team

    • Local & Home Office Support

    • Strategic Marketing Partners

    • Home Protection Plan



  • Complete mortgage application if not done previously

  • Your lender will order an appraisal on the house

  • Secure underwriting approval

  • Satisfy any conditions

  • Loan is processed


Receive an Offer

  • Your agent will advise you and prepare the offer

  • Your offer will be presented to the seller

  • Earnest money typically accompanies the offer

  • Request the purchase of a home warranty in your offer if you are concerned about home systems or appliances breaking post-sale. You may also choose to purchase a home warranty if the seller declines


Title Work

  • Your Agent will guide you through any renegotiations resulting from inspection, title or appraisal results

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